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thumbs flir scout ps series CES 2011: FLIR News Release

Revolutionary size, affordability, and ease-of-use

Portland, OR –FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR), the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal cameras, announces the introduction of the FLIR Scout PS-Series Thermal Camera, for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Hunters, hikers, ranchers, rangers, outfitters, and adventurers of all stripes will appreciate the clear thermal imagery, palm-size portability, simple three button operation, and affordability at under $2,000.

Lightweight and easy-to-use, Scout PS-Series thermal cameras allow you to gather critical and exciting visual information, day or night, for hours on end.

Like all FLIR thermal cameras, the Scout PS-Series creates images from heat, not light, giving you a serious advantage out in the wild. Use a Scout PS24 or PS32 to navigate rough terrain or to scope out the “perfect spot” at dusk, before dawn, or even when it’s pitch black outside. Discover nocturnal animals, find wandering members of your party, locate lost livestock, or spot downed game. Peer into woods or heavy underbrush to see what’s going on, detect individuals in camouflage, and even see through light fog, smoke and trail dust.  And the Scout PS-Series isn’t just for activity out on the trail—there are dozens of at-home, on-the-water, or on-the-go uses.

The Scout PS-Series features a rugged, weathertight, ergonomic design, multiple resolution choices, digital e-zoom, image freeze-in-frame capability, three separate detection palettes, an embedded LED flashlight, and an internal re-chargeable Li-Ion battery.

If you really love the great outdoors, why limit your experience to only daylight? The power of the Scout PS-Series gives you the freedom to explore nature’s extended hours in vivid thermal detail.


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