Altair Releases HiQube 6.0, Business Intelligence Solution

Thursday, January 20, 2011:  Altair Engineering today released version 6.0 of HiQube, its simulation-driven business intelligence (BI) and data analytics solution.

HiQube 6.0 exposes the power of its unique multi-dimensional data engine to business analysts through a new, self-service Web client, customizable dashboards, unbalanced hierarchical data management, and embedded mathematical optimization for higher-level what-if analysis.

Enterprise accessibility to HiQube also has been expanded to the latest Windows, Red Hat and Ubuntu desktop and server environments.

HiQube empowers stakeholders across the enterprise to independently slice, dice and drill information, explore key performance indicators (KPI’s), perform math-based simulations and what-if analyses, and easily publish interactive, tailored reports and dashboards to improve business performance. With flash-drive simplicity to install and its open-architecture design, HiQube complements and can be seamlessly deployed within any IT eco-system.



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