I’m Back :) : Penetration Testing in the Real World

Sorry Every1 for a big delay of 3 months šŸ˜ i got busy with my exams and so i couldn't give time to you all but now i have returned to field so lets get started.... Well enjoy this awesome video from Offensive Security : ftp-brute.py #!/usr/bin/python from ftplib import FTP print "Attempting user Directory... Continue Reading →


Cuda on Backtrack 5 R2

After some pyrit problem this is guide to install cuda on Backtrack 5 R2. This guide is to configure cuda drivers and running parallel processing. Start by preparing your kernel sources for the Nvidia driver installation: root@bt:~# prepare-kernel-sources root@bt:~# cd /usr/src/linux root@bt:~# cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/ Download Nvidia drivers according to your CPU architecture http://www.nvidia.in/Download/indexsg.aspx?lang=en-in... Continue Reading →


Taking Self pic or family pics is tough to manage but with Swivl you dont have to worry about anything it is a personal robotic cameraman that's smart enough to pan and tilt on its own, keeping whoever is holding its electronic marker in the frame. Perfect for webcam use and self-recording, its electronic marker... Continue Reading →

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